Echoes of the Force

Perlimian Haul part 2
part 2

As they flew towards M226 they knew that this was a risky misson. In fact when they landed on it and saw the security, any way they got in a fight and blasted their way to the bridge and got ready to fight.


Perlimian Haul
Part 1

An Elite rebel strike team has been sent to hijack a freighter from the Imperial shipment named the Perlimian Haul, from a space station over the planet Remduba II.

As they flew in TOR AND D7 knew that this would be risky sure they had false IDs and what not but it was still risky, and they were jumpy. So when they called by Martle station to identify themselves Tor almost fell out of his seat.“Shuttle 201-7 please send us your identification.”
But luckily it worked and they were able to land,and look around until they found the place they were looking for, Passk’s Oddities. As they entered they saw their contact a tradishoan named Passk assumedely. They relaxed slightly closed the door and told him they were with the Rebel alliance, he told them that he could help by taking them to meet with the governor of the station Varla Prule. So they went to meet her and they talked,
“So you want to get on board one of freighters, I could do that for 1000 credits.”
“Make it 50 and you got a deal.”
“How about 50 and a date”
“Just 100 and you got a deal”
“How about 25 and a date?”
“250 and that is my fianal offer.”
“Deal” Varla said with a sigh.“I can get you on board the freighter you want to be on, is there any specific one you want to get on?”
“Okay, I will get you on that one.”

Gm: S.G.C
Xp awarded:5


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